Ta’seel, You, the NQF and Strategic Collaboration

May 2, 2019 | Education and Training Trends

Ta’seel – We are committed to educational success

In 6 years, since its start up, Ta’seel Education and Management Consultancy’s international and local consultants have perfected a unique approach, contextualized for the Bahrain educational sector. This approach emphasizes collaboration and consultation with our partners to provide high-level, high-impact services and has resulted in a number of successes for institutions.

Ta’seel – We help your organisations meet their needs

Ta’seel has worked effectively in the local education, training and business sectors to design and develop:

·       organizational capacity

·       planning techniques

·       work flows

·       staff skills in problem solving and decision making

·       curriculum design

·       lesson facilitation

·       assessment and moderation strategies

Ta’seel – We get results

1. Institutions are well prepared for the BQA review.

·       Vocational training Institute 1: Overall ‘Outstanding’ grade

·       Vocational training Institute 2:  ‘Outstanding’ in two categories and ‘Good’ in the rest.

·       Nine institutions and one school guided in in their preparation for BQA reviews.

2. Institutions develop the capacity to design systems and programmes that meet NQF requirements:

·       Quality Management Systems developed that are customized to client needs.

·       Two universities, one government institute and four vocational institutions prepared  for NQF listing.

·       Mapping of qualifications for NQF placement

Ta’seel – We go further

Other services offered by Ta’seel include:

·       Higher Education surveys

·       Psychometric testing of the current and potential employees

Ta’seel – We look to the future

Businesses and education and training institutions in Bahrain can rest assured that Ta’seel will help them with their strategic planning and management, capacity-building, as well as their needs to meet the requirements of the BQA.

We will continue to keep up and anticipate trends. We will help in the design of programmes and courses for placement on the National Qualifications Framework.

We will be a leading edge in research – among the focuses being market surveys, exemplars of flexible learning and assessment, benchmarking, psychometric testing, and digital developments and their effect on education, training and business.