A Modern Orientation to Training

What are the characteristics of training that are relevant for today and tomorrow? Essentially, according to the experts, the focus should be on:

  • The learner rather than the trainer;
  • People being seen as people rather than as human resources;
  • Organisational goals and individual needs rather than organisational goals alone;
  • Opportunities for all rather than an elitist approach;
  • A process of needs analysis, preparation of outcomes, development of methodology, and implementation and evaluation of programmes, with feedback loops, rather than off-the-shelf packages;
  • Facilitation and negotiation rather than dictation and obligation;
  • Results and process rather than results or process alone;
  • Optimisation rather than maximisation of quality;
  • Technology as a means to an end – not the end itself;
  • Formal training as just one method and not the only method for addressing performance problems;
  • Individuals and teams rather than individuals alone;
  • Open rather than closed learning;
  • Holism rather than reductionism;
  • Lifelong learning and short-term needs rather than short-term needs alone;
  • Collaboration rather than competition; and
  • Employability rather than employment.

Contributed by Dave Hornblow, December 2016