Have you a need for research to be carried out by and/or for your organisation? Would you benefit from the involvement and support of our consultants?

Ta’seel can help at any or all of the stages of a research opportunity:

  • Preparing the ground
  • Selecting methods of data collection
  • Undertaking the research
  • Interpreting the evidence and reporting the findings

Through a partnership with Ta’seel you would feel confident the focus of the research was clear from start and maintained throughout the project. Access to research participants would be negotiated appropriately and ethical guidelines formulated, respected and maintained. Activities would take place within budgets and according to a strict timeline. In relation to the key members of your organisation and the consultants of Ta’seel, there would be clarity about who would be doing what by when. The end result would be a set of recommendations that would point the way forward for your organisation.

Feel free to discuss any research possibility with us. We would be delighted to be of service.