Quality Assurance & Improvement

Ta’seel can help you develop a Quality Management System (QMS) that – crucially in terms of efficiency and effectiveness – is contextualised to your needs.

What would be key aspects? There would be recognition that there are needs for both compliance with internally and externally agreed standards, based on sound principles, and with improvement and sustainability objectives that are owned by teams as pockets of enthusiasm within your organisation. The result upon successful implementation or redevelopment of the QMS would be shared ownership of it throughout your organisation.

The associated framework to be developed would be based on dialogue between the key members of your organisation and consultants of Ta’seel.

The process would be seen as systemic – being inputs, transformation, outputs and feedback within internal and external environments. Also, it would be seen as cyclical, with feedback from the outcomes back to the enablers once a phase has been completed and the next phase is to start.

The QMS would be appropriate to the mission and vision of your organisation.

With the adoption of a contextualised QMS, you would be confirming your position as a leader in your field. Ta’seel would be proud to be your partner in sustained success.