Developing Qualifications for the NQF

The training environment in Bahrain has changed. Support for training providers requires that qualifications are developed and placed on the NQF and monitored for quality. Can your institution meet this challenge?    

Ta’seel, with its experienced consultants, can partner you in making all the necessary preparations to place your new qualifications on the NQF. Ta’seel works with you to develop contextualised and fit for purpose qualifications that are relevant to the Bahrain labour market needs as well as your institution’s mission, vision and strategic goals.

What are the critical aspects for placement on the NQF?

  • Feasibility study – Justifies the need for the new qualification.
  • Programme specification – Documents the programme aims, outcomes and targeted audience. 
  • Specification of courses – Documents the learning outcomes and training strategies.
  • Mapping – Links the programme and courses to the appropriate NQF level.
  • Confirmation of mapping – Ensures the quality of the mapping process. 
  • Submission of the application – Completes the NQF application process.

Contact Ta’seel for support in any or all of these critical aspects.