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Psychometric Testing

Why might you need psychometric testing services? They can provide you with a snapshot of a person’s potential, helping you, as an employer, to predict performance on the job and the suitability of a candidate for a particular role. It’s a tool that enables you to put the right person in the right job – either immediately or in the future following appropriate training and development. Alternatively, it can at an early stage allow you to identify candidates who are not suitable for particular roles or positions. Ta’seel can help you use psychometric testing in conjunction with a traditional job interview. This would enable you to focus on the specific abilities required for a certain job or role while predicting a candidate’s future performance in a particular field, rather than just measuring their overall general intelligence. Also, importantly, Ta’seel can help you use psychometric tests and feedback systems to identify employees for management and leadership development. Further, we use psychometric tests to support students in taking the right decisions about their future studies by identifying their personal work needs, work interests and general abilities. We at Taseel are qualified to use psychometric tests and instruments from the British Psychological Society and have the expertise to select, administer, and interpret the results. By using our services, you would be presented with integrated information upon which you can make reliable and informed decisions.

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