Policy & Procedure Development

Ta’seel is equipped to help you develop a comprehensive set of policies and procedures. This would include a contextualised and very well documented Quality Management System (QMS). What would be key aspects? Policies and procedures will be consistent, and tailored to your values and any regulatory standards that apply to your organisation. They will be appropriate to your strategic planning, implementation and evaluation. The QMS would be based on dialogue between the key members of your organisation and consultants of Ta’seel. Its components will influence and determine major decisions and actions while providing a framework for business planning, accountability and clarity of functions and responsibilities. Together, policies and procedures will ensure that a point of view held by your organisation is translated into steps that result in an outcome compatible to that view. Ta’seel will be proud to develop policies and procedures with you that demonstrate the efficient and effective operation of your organisation.

Quick tips from Ta’seel

Process, procedure, work instruction – the difference is in the detail.

Process spans across many functional groups to complete a task. Procedure is more detailed than a process. Work instruction is the very detailed ‘how to’.