about us

Our Beginnings

Our Background

Ta’seel Education and Management Consultancy was formed in Bahrain in 2012. We are a professional education and management consultancy with a unique approach to providing high-level, high-impact services that lead to efficient planning, processes, problem solving and decision-making. There is a rich mix of both international and local experience among our expatriate and Bahraini consultants to serve your interests and needs.

Our Achievements

Building Capacity

Ta’seel has facilitated workshops that relate to strategic management, effective teaching, assessment and moderation, as well as institutional listing and programme mapping to a wide range of education and training providers. To date, hundreds of participants from over 30 diverse organisations have shared in these activities and Ta’seel has consistently received very high satisfaction rates for its workshops.

Providing Consultancy Services

Projects that have been completed by Ta’seel in relation to Institutional Listing and Programme Mapping have involved Universities (such as Applied Science University), Vocational Institutes (such as Origin Training Centre) and schools (such as Alrawabi International School).

    Preparing for Institutional Review

    Ta’seel has facilitated self-reviews of seven institutions prior to audit by QQA, and then assisted them through the actual audit, with positive results of moving one from ‘Inappropriate’ to ‘Satisfactory’, another from ‘Inappropriate’ to ‘Good’, two from ‘Satisfactory’ to ‘Good’, two sustaining a rating of ‘Good’, and one awaiting a rating.

      Identifying Talent

      In collaboration with the Arabian Assessment and Development Centre (Dubai), Ta’seel has designed and delivered psychometric testing projects to assess over 1000 individuals across multiple locations.

      Programme Mapping and Institutional Listing Event

      November 12, 2014

      Ta’seel Educational and Management Consultancy in collaboration with Horizons Excellence launched Wednesday 12 November 2014 the international symposium “Meeting the requirements: Institutional Listing and Programme Mapping ” the event took place in Diplomat Hotel, Muharraq Hall where representatives of the universities, private vocational and training institutes and private schools meet together to continue the successful achievement in educational and training sector that was initiated by the Bahraini Government.

      The event aimed to build awareness and promote the importance of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), including Institutional Listing and Programme Mapping processes, policies and procedures.