Meeting National Qualifications Framework Requirements

How will your institution be integrally involved in the development of Bahrain’s National Qualifications Framework (NQF)? How will you meet the requirements of the National Authority for Qualifications & Quality Assurance of Education & Training (QQA)? How will the learning outcomes of your programmes and courses be aligned with labour market and employability requirements?

Essentially, for the approval of QQA, you will need to go through Institutional Listing and Programme Mapping processes.

Ta’seel, with its expert consultants, can partner you in making all preparations necessary. The end result would be having your institution listed as a training provider. Ta’seel would review your training programmes currently under design, in term of learning outcomes, assessment criteria, and other indicators necessary in relation to requirements for successful placement on the NQF. Importantly, Ta’seel would play a major role in ensuring that your new training programmes would pass validation. They would be mapped on the NQF according to appropriate levels and credits. Ta’seel could also provide capacity building to your staff who would be managing the associated processes.

Here, perhaps, is an opportunity to make a big leap in collaboration with Ta’seel. Our consultancy has facilitated capacity building workshops that relate to Institutional Listing and Programme Mapping to a wide range of education and training providers. More than 300 participants from more than 30 organisations have shared in these activities. Consistently, Ta’seel has received a very high satisfaction rate for its workshops.