Listing on the NQF

Jul 30, 2019 | Management and Leadership Trends

In today’s dynamic and increasingly complicated environment, we have many challenges to meet. Is the opportunity for BQA Institutional Listing one of yours?

Listing requires a fit-for-purpose Quality Management System (QMS) that addresses the 5 NQF standards in the following areas: 

·       Standard 1: Access, Transfer, and Progression

·       Standard 2: Qualification Development, Approval and Review

·       Standard 3: Assessment Design and Moderation

·       Standard 4: Certification and Authentication

·       Standard 5: Continuous Quality Improvement

Ta’seel Educational and Management Consultation Company is specialised in working with Vocational Institutions similar to yours, as well as with Universities, leading to success in the listing process. Details of completed projects are available on our website. Please refer to

Ta’seel, with its expert consultants, partners you in making all preparations necessary. Ta’seel reviews your current QMS, identifies gaps and develops the required documentation in consultation with your staff members. We would make sure that the resulting documentation is tailored specifically to your organisation and satisfies your unique way of operating. Please refer to The end result is that your institution is listed as a training provider.

Call or email us if this is a good time to discuss a likely collaboration.  We would be delighted to help.