Ta’seel, You, and the NQF: Winning Relationships

Nov 17, 2017 | Education and Training Trends

November 2017 marked three years of hard work by Ta’seel in contributing to the development of Bahrain’s National Qualifications Framework (NQF). It’s timely, then, to ask the questions: What have we achieved in that time? And what’s next? To answer the first question we can highlight three main contributions: the first relates to a symposium; the second to capacity-building workshops; and the third to consultancy projects.

First, in November 2014, Ta’seel conducted an international symposium entitled ‘Meeting the New QQA Requirements: Institutional Listing and Programme Mapping’. This symposium was led by international consultant Margret Cameron, with over 100 participants from various organisations. (Use this link for further information about the symposium: http://taseelbh.com/events-completed/ )

Second, Ta’seel has facilitated NQF building capacity workshops that relate to institutional listing and programme mapping to a wide range of education and training providers. Hundreds of participants from over 30 diverse organisations have shared in these activities and Ta’seel has consistently received very high satisfaction rates. The workshops have been led primarily by Margaret Cameron and Dr Ian Morris,both of whom played significant roles in the initial designing of the NQF. Among the organisations that have participated in Ta’seel’s workshops are Ahlia University, Applied Science University, Royal University for Women, AMA University, Kingdom University, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA), Origin Training Centre, Horizons HRD, and London Training Centre.

Third, involving teams of our consultants and administrative support staff, Ta’seel has completed several significant consultancy projects in relation to institutional listing and programme mapping. Among them have been the Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) Institutional Listing Project and Programmes Mapping Project, the Kingdom University Institutional Listing Project, the Origin Training Centre Institutional Listing Project, and the Horizons HRD Institutional Listing Project. There have been successes all round and a fine feeling of partnership in the achievements.


BIPA executive management expressed their deep satisfaction with the outcome of the NQF project.

So what’s next?
In reflecting on what we have achieved over the last three years and on the wide range of experience that Ta’seel has developed, we are enthusiastic about gaining more and more challenging projects in Bahrain and throughout the wider region. True to our vision and mission, we look forward to supporting you in – in exemplary fashion – in making meaningful contributions to society and succeeding in an increasingly dynamic environment. We can give ourselves a pat on the back for the first three years of NQF-focused activities. Here’s to more pats on the back over the next three years – and beyond.