Event Management

If you are looking to organise a major event – perhaps a seminar, workshop, celebration or conference – then Ta’seel is well-equipped to provide support.

Ta’seel can provide highly organised, creative people with an eye for detail, exceptional communication skills and a tolerance for being extremely busy. We will problem solve, think on our feet, and have the creativity to develop opportunities in your rapidly developing field where technologies are bringing people together in new ways and enabling richer experiences of connection.

Ta’seel can engage the key participants, build relationships and networks, and make an impact in a wide range of education, training, business, cultural, community, and other contexts. We can provide in-depth understanding of successful event management, from sponsorship, budget, feasibility, marketing and planning to the ‘how to’ of producing a top event. Aspects such as digital marketing, public relations, publicity and advertising will be well covered. The principles of effective and efficient project management will be applied.