Conducting Higher Education Surveys

What we deliver

Ta’seel will work with you to gather information that is credible, actionable, and responsible, providing valuable insights for effective decision-making and opportunities and reports to meet your BQA & HEC programme review requirements.

We consider labour market trends, your strategic goals, and international norms to deliver robustly tested and relevant results.

We look at your strengths, opportunities, areas for development and the risk to be avoided.

We will provide vital information that can be used to enhance your learning and teaching. 

We offer two packages:

Basic Insight Report

§  Survey design to meet regulatory requirements

§  Descriptive statistical method to clean, explore and analyse data as a whole, to derive meaningful insights

§  A concise written report with some visual results is provided

Enhanced Insight Report

Better understand the areas of strength and opportunity within your institution by exploring the survey data.

§  Basic insight package


§  An executive summary

§  Recommendations based on results

§  The Enhanced Insight Report aims to highlight key areas for development, in order to support you in using the surveys for enhancement. The report is presented in a highly visual way.


The Enhanced Insight Package Report may include:

§  Summaries of key areas of strength and opportunity

§  Comparisons of key data points against most recently available sector results

§  Comparison of key data points against previous years’ results (from reports previously prepared by Ta’seel) if available

§  An exploration of ‘hotspots’ areas within the institution that are consistently ranked above or below agreed upon key benchmarks

§  Correlations with overall satisfaction in order to understand key areas to target for enhancement