Quality Audit Facilitation

An appropriate approach to the quality auditing of your organization is crucial. Ta’seel can help you with this.

How can you ensure that your quality management system (QMS) complies with requirements? What evidence should you be able to provide – records, statements of fact and other information that are relevant and verifiable? How can you show that your policies, procedures and processes fulfil audit criteria? How can you show that your products and services meet requirements and satisfy client expectations? How can you show that improvements to your QMS are being made alongside requirements for compliance?

For educational and training institutions with their need to meet QQA requirements, Ta’seel has been successful in helping move ratings from lower to higher levels – ‘inadequate’ to ‘satisfactory’, to ‘good’, to ‘outstanding’. For businesses in general, Ta’seel can provide expert facilitation in the meeting, for example, of ISO and Baldrige requirements.

In relation to timing, Ta’seel typically becomes involved at the pre-audit stage (commonly known as self-review for educational and training institutions) and then in the meeting of post-audit requirements. Our consultants will collaborate with you in overseeing involvement in the audit process and the meeting of critical objectives for the ongoing effectiveness of your QMS.