Agile Problem-Based Learning into the Future

The book Problem-based learning into the future: Imagining an agile PBL ecology for learning by Megan Yih Chyn A. Kek and Henk Huijser develops a case for significant changes in higher education to develop graduates who are comfortable with the discomfort of living in a context of profound disruptive change, characterised by the following:

  • Disruptive and fast-changing technologies
  • Ubiquitous social and mobile media – always connected
  • ‘Always and everywhere’ learning
  • Digitization of everything
  • Blurring of boundaries
  • Big data
  • Disappearance of ‘traditional’ professions
  • New and continuously evolving professions

In response, the authors propose an educational approach that deliberately blurs the boundaries between disciplines, between students and teachers, between students and employers, between employers and teachers, between formal and informal learning spaces, and between academics and professional staff, with the ultimate aim of developing a ‘way of being’ in graduates that allows them to leverage the opportunities and address the problems of the future.

Contributed by Dr Henk Huijser, March 2017