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Welcome to your education and management consultancy

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Ta’seel means going back to the roots to seek direction. A healthy tree begins life as a tiny seed. As the first leaves are touched by the warming sun and take in carbon dioxide, a strong root system that draws in water and nutrients from the soil begins its development. In time blossoms and fruit are produced leading to the production of seeds and regeneration . . . Read more >


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ta’seel letters of appreciation
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ta’seel letters of appreciation
More testimonials >

Two Day Advanced Capacity Building Programme

Facilitator: Dr Ian Morris; Dates: TBC.

Quality Compliance and Improvement Workshop

Facilitator: Dr Ian Morris; Dates: TBC.


From Challenges to Opportunities through Remote Working

Ta’seel consultants meeting remotely with Origin Training Centre The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us into lock-down. Many of us have had to stay at home and work remotely. It’s a new practice for most of us so let’s examine some of the challenges and how to overcome...

Rubrics for Authentic Assessment

Effective training requires a focus on Knowing, Doing and Being. For example, an engineering student will need to know about Newton’s Laws. This can be assessed in an exam. But we may want the engineer to use this knowledge to demonstrate his/her skills in determining...

Listing on the NQF

In today's dynamic and increasingly complicated environment, we have many challenges to meet. Is the opportunity for BQA Institutional Listing one of yours? Listing requires a fit-for-purpose Quality Management System (QMS) that addresses the 5 NQF standards in the...

Ta’seel, You, the NQF and Strategic Collaboration

Ta’seel - We are committed to educational success In 6 years, since its start up, Ta’seel Education and Management Consultancy’s international and local consultants have perfected a unique approach, contextualized for the Bahrain educational sector. This approach...

Acting Upon the Learner’s Voice

Opportunities are being offered for the learner’s voice to be heard. For example, the GDQ has embarked on a series of awareness sessions for learners – currently with undergraduate students – with the aim of having representation of learners on NQF advisory...

Free Resources


Fostering Pockets of Enthusiasm

Pockets of Enthusiasm and Excellence within organisations and individuals are nurtured so that they can widen and deepen. This process involves the identification and sharing of exemplary behaviours, and the encouragement of these by leadership.

Promoting Dialogue

Processes for dialogue regarding opportunities for improvement are developed and actively managed. These allow individuals at all levels of the organisation to air their views openly and to consider the views of others. In doing so, participants exit the dialogue with positive frames of mind and with the likelihood of changed or enhanced views.

Empowering with Words

Ta’seel carefully chooses the terms, concepts and metaphors it uses in its consultancy work so that they are appropriate to the context of the organization and individuals.